What is Yamanashi Hemslöjd? History, philosophy and project

10 – 31 July, 2024

Since Mikiko Yamanashi experienced the richness of the Scandinavian way of living on her first trip to Europe in 1967, she has been working with the belief that the beauty in everyday life is supported by handmade objects. Since 1971, Yamanashi Hemslöjd has been operating with this philosophy by organizing exhibitions, passing on techniques through schools and classes, publishing more than 50 books, and providing quality materials and handicrafts.

Weaving, embroidery and knitting have always been a part of daily lives of human beings. It is our mission to pass on the beautiful techniques and works created by our ancestors, and to hand them to the next generations. We continue handicraft activities not only as a hobby but also as a social practice to meet the Sustainable Development Goals.

This exhibition will showcase Yamanashi Hemslöjd’s philosophy of living with selected handmade works that add colour to our lives.

As we live in an age where AI is replacing man’s capacity, the ‘sensual tactile reality’ that we can feel through textile, yarn, threads and handcrafts made out of them, is becoming more necessarily humane. We propose a lifestyle incorporating beautiful handmade objects as a key to happiness.