Guinness World Record Award: the world’s fastest embroiderer, Naomi Katagiri’s Cross Stitch show

6 – 24 August, 2024

Special talk: August 8 14:00-15:00
(admission free but reservation recommended: call to book 03-3470-3119 )

“The familiar and elegant hobby of embroidery brings Sustainable Development Goals to life, and is awarded by Guinness World Records.”

Organised by Yamanashi Hemslöjd

Supported by Haandarbejdets Fremme 

Naomi Katagiri graduated from Niigata University (Faculty of Law)  with a first-class degree in architecture. She was a former vice-president of Ishikawa Construction and now an activist as a chairperson of the Association for a New Future for Niigata Prefecture (No Nukes!). She has been passionate about cross-stitch embroidery as a member of Yamanashi Hemslöjd for 40 years.