Handmade Baskets by Ulla Neogard

26 June – 7 August 2019 12:00 – 18:00
Workshop 28 – 30 June

This is Ulla Neogard’s fourth exhibition. She is one of the leading makers of Swedish Birch Bark baskets, a craft with a long traditional history in Sweden.

Birch bark is used in Swedish daily life for rucksacks, shoes, baskets, and other kitchenwares. It is very strong and repairable, making it an eco-friendly and beautiful material for the future.

Ulla’s baskets are unique and beautiful, and represent many hours searching for the best materials from the north Swedish forest of Helsingland. She says it gets more difficult each year to find good materials.

She will hold workshops from 28th – 30th June, making useful basic items for the home, or for presents.