Andreas Ackerup presents the new book ‘Happy Cloud’

Book release and vernissage
10 December 2021 16.00-20.00

Gallery open: 11 December 2021 12.00-18.00
12 December 2021 12.00-16.00

Andreas Ackerup, born 1971 in Stockholm, is one of Sweden’s most popular photographers. He is best known for an everyday snapshot aesthetic with hard flash and playful compositions. He has also worked in art contexts, including an exhibition of 3,650 self-portraits taken daily over ten years (1998-2008) at Färgfabriken in Stockholm in 2008.

The book Happy Cloud consists of 147 intuitive photographs taken over a period of 20 years.

Graphic design by Henrik Nygren Design
Photography: Andreas Ackerup
Text: Andreas Ackerup
Translation: Robert Dunlap
Production: Henrik Nygren Design
Printing and binding: TMG Sthlm, Sweden, 2021
Softcover with two different covers, 96 pages, 220×330 mm
Edition 250, self-published, 2021
Price: 450 SEK
25 Limited edition: 4.000 SEK